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Our clients are passionate about achieving their goals and seeing results. They are CEOs, C-level executives, board members, business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals striving to enhance their leadership presence, strategic focus, political acumen, resiliency, communication, and team management skills. Does this sound like you? It should- as we believe that we should continually be growing, evolving, and pursuing a transformation mindset.

From listening to your critical concerns to coaching you through implementing highly effective changes in the workplace, we will help you become the transformational leader you strive to be. We seek to coach for results and impact. Govern with wisdom, lead with confidence, communicate insightfully with stakeholders and empower your team to do their best work.

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We make your goals your reality.

Sharpen your focus. Test your intuition. Challenge your assumptions. Bolster your resilience.

When you choose to work with TSM Executive Coaching & Consulting, you choose to partner with an experienced CEO peer whose focus is on helping you succeed in every area of professional development.

Through utilizing and implementing either the Hogan Assessment or 360° Leadership Feedforward Assessment, we enhance your ability to find the right leadership and cultural fit when recruiting senior executives and leaders either from outside the organization or by promotion from within. Identify the core strengths and development needs of senior talent, fine-tune your plans for improved career opportunity and leadership skill development. Leaders use the 360° to check in and improve by listening to the feedforward supplied by their team, stakeholders, and senior management. We assist you in identifying areas of improvement and provide strategies to help you optimize your personal and professional growth.

We believe that past and current performance predicts future performance. Are you ready to change to achieve incredible results?

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Our Trusted Partners

You’ve asked for the best. You strive for excellence. So why not work with a company that has partnered with leading professionals? Ask us about our vast and growing network of industry experts, passionately serving business owners and professionals like you!

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This says it all…

  • Successful people have often had a mentor that helped them augment their professional skills to become more effective Board and C-suite executives. Tom Magyarody coached me for many years in multiple roles first as a Board member and then as President of the Ontario Dental Association...Often the skills that got you to your present position are not sufficient to ensure you either excel there or give you the competitive edge to continue your journey. Tom has the ability to help you improve your communication, collaboration, team building, and many other skills to help you rise to new heights and become a strong recognized leader. If you have an opportunity to work with Tom Magyarody I would highly recommend his coaching to help your career flourish.

    - Dr. Larry Levin DDS (Past President, Ontario Dental Association, Past President, Hamilton Jewish Federation, & Past President and Past Interim CEO, Shalom Village Nursing Home)

  • I've had the pleasure of being coached by Tom, and have witnessed his unique ability to tap into the deeper issues of business challenges and personal development. Tom was able to bring out new learnings and insights that forced me to pause and re-evaluate how I was working and balancing the things in my life. I've also had the opportunity to partner with Tom and greatly value his executive experience in leading change, and his calm and wise approach towards problem solving. It is with the highest of recommendations that I'd share Tom's name as an executive coach, especially for senior leaders and leadership teams seeking new insights and transformative thinking.

    - Fiona Betivoiu, MA, CTDP, Global Talent Leader and Executive Coach

  • Over the past twelve years,Tom Magyarody has been a solid resource to me in my role as CEO. First and foremost, he has an impressive strategic approach and is a strong tactician. His thoughtfulness and clear vision of what is possible combined with his MBA and his engineering degree make him the ideal executive coach and consultant.

    - Claude Paul Boivin, CEO of three national organizations for 29 years

  • I have had the pleasure of being coached by Tom as well as observed him coach others.  He provides a safe zone for dealing with complex and delicate issues that can and do arise in coaching sessions with senior executives, directors and leaders.  The discretion and confidentiality that you need and want is part of his approach.  The benefit of being coached by Tom is the admirable background that he brings to the coaching experience.   He is clearly an accomplished individual with his various CEO and Board Director roles along with depth/breadth of experience.  With this background he brings straight forward and impartial insights to the fierce conversation that benefits the executive and their organization. All of that is wrapped in a caring and compassionate coach approach that makes Tom’s coaching  a positive and successful experience. I would highly recommend being coached by Tom.

    - Denisa Leiba, CHRA,CHRL, CMC (Vice President Human Resources Aecon Groups and Head of People and Culture Crosslinx Transit Solutions & Executive Coach)

  • Tom is unflappable. In the midst of extreme pressure, Tom never loses his head. He remains calm, listens, and offers wisdom no one else could imagine in the midst of crisis. Tom is a rock. He has led change in the midst of adversity. He has weathered attack and knows what it's like to take responsibility for failures he did not cause...Tom brings years of experience in the dance to manage a challenging board of directors. He has found ways to resolve seemingly irreconcilable interests, while under acute pressure from all parties, during one of the largest labour negotiations in North America. 

    - Dr. Shawn Whatley MD (Past President Ontario Medical Association, Author; When Politics comes before Patients and No More Lethal Waits, Munk Senior Fellow Health Policy Macdonald -Laurier Institute)

  • Tom is an exemplary coach and a life long passionate learner. Tom brings his wisdom and wealth of knowledge to his coaching and it is evident in the powerful questions he asks. His style is one of thoughtful care and tough love. At times, he brings forth stories from his executive background to the forefront. Fundamentally, he has a knack for recognizing people’s talent and encouraging them to succeed!

    Andrea E. Graham, Chief Marketing Officer

  • I have known and worked with Tom professionally for over 25 years – with clients ranging from insurance to health-care – for profit and not for profit organizations – when Tom was a Vice President to where he was the CEO. Tom has consistently demonstrated strong leadership; the ability to manage complex situations; being able to get the best out of staff; and the ability to resolve potentially difficult positions and strong conflicting personalities. Tom’s experience will, in my view, benefit those executives whom he coaches.

    - Frank Palmay, P.Eng. and lawyer

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