Leadership by Example

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Leadership by Example

They say that "Command and Control (C & C) Leadership models are dead!" I wish that were the case. 

Ask around. Have those holding their C & C roles vacated their positions? The answer? No. They still exist, but it is your turn to flip the script – even if it is only in your corner of the universe. It's a great place to begin because it makes business sense. It makes personal sense too.

Knowledge workers, during the COVID-19 era, thankfully hold mobile positions and can work from anywhere in the world. I know of many people who have changed their scenery from the lockdown centers of Toronto and the GTA to the sunny beaches of Florida and the Dominican Republic. Needless to say, there will be resistance to sliding back to the full-time office attendance model when all of this is said and done.  

They have awoken to the fact that being free of the office also makes them free to pick up and go to another employer. It is but a click away. What does this have to do with leadership by example? Lots!

If the knowledge worker faces the C&C leadership approach upon return, they may want to move on to greener pastures if there is the opportunity to do so.  

Today’s employees want purpose and vision; participation in setting and maintaining a culture with a higher order of autonomy supported by a trusting accountability approach to the workplace.  

The tone at the top sets the rhythm (sorry for the mixed metaphor) for the rest of the senior team to create and nurture the company's culture. With the ever-growing worldwide competition for talent, the CEO needs to be seen as an example of change in their organization's culture.  

The CEO needs to lead by example. The new culture starts and ends with you.  

When your leadership provides clarity and consistency, it will attract and retain outstanding talent that WORKS for you and your organization.  

Dream about an incredibly positive Net Promoter Score that attracts the most important asset to a fast-growing and thriving company. People. 

Leading by example is HARD work. It begins with looking in the mirror and acknowledging your strengths, and yes, our weaknesses too. Sometimes it is hard to keep yourself, and the senior team focused; hard to deal with naysayers or the challenges that any business throws at you.  


  1. Am I ready to lead the culture change? How do I need to change, and stay true to the new role of Leading by Example? 
  2. What input and ongoing process and support do I and the executive team need to keep the unity and momentum going?
  3. What assistance would be useful in keeping me on track?