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Performance Athletes Have a Coach – You Should Too

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Performance Athletes Have a Coach – You Should Too

What do Glen Mills, Gareth Raflewski, and Tara VanDerveer have in common?     

They are coaches who stand behind and support remarkable athletes; they are coaches achieving world-class results!

Usain Bolt (Fastest 100M sprint; 8-time Olympic Gold Medalist), Ko Jin-young (Ranked No. 1 Female Golfer for 2020), and Stanford NCAA Women's Division 1 Basketball Team (Champions in 1990, 1992 and 2021) are all thankful for their coaches. 

World-class organizations led by their CEO, C-Suite Executives as well as the Board of Directors are also competing against the best in the world. In a society where world-class athletes have already set the bar for the competition ladder, it only proves that experienced training, practice, and support lead to incredible success. If strategies are not put in place or followed, you run the risk of only achieving heartbreaking failure.   

Physical training, drills, and practice are necessary, but it is not sufficient to gain the top position. It takes a coach to listen, observe, guide, and bring the independent voice to push and prepare their athlete to achieve their impossible dream.


  1. What will it take for you or your team to get to the next step? 
  2. Who will speak truth to power – hold the mirror up – observe the present and help implement changes for the future?
  3. What is holding you back from moving out of your comfort zone and going for gold?