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Be fiercely curious, open, and relentless. Once you are willing to do that, the rest will fall into place. Why? Because looking at the world with your own unique perspective is what truly allows you to stand out. It is these differences, these viewpoints, that drive each of us to question more, be more, and pursue more every day. When paired with utilizing our skills to the best of our ability- that’s when the fantastic happens. TSM Executive Coaching and Consulting works with you in fierce conversations to identify your capabilities and enhance each one for personal growth and organizational transformation.

Take the next step to claiming your impossible future through a journey designed to bring about extraordinary results.

Executive Coaching

At every level of your personal and professional journey, you have had to make key decisions. You’ve had to choose who you want to be as a leader and which traits you will call on to manage yourself, teams, serve clients and propel forward. We work with you as your thinking partner to dig deep and understand your values, dreams, barriers, strengths and over strengths. Enhance your decision making, strategic thinking and leadership presence; strengthen the connection with the Board, your team and other leaders to accelerate business and personal success. Become the transformational leader, and see the business results as well as the personal benefits that executive coaching provides!

Influence Team Dynamics

Increase and improve your team’s focus in establishing goals and meeting critical benchmarks, all while enhancing the cultural dynamics of your organization.

Develop Resilience

Never be swayed by challenging times again, as you set strategies in place for resilience and transformation, despite any setbacks you may face.

Propel yourself forward to achieve that Impossible Future, reach the next strategic goal, earn that next role, and lead your team and organization in new and innovative ways.

Executive Assessment - 360° & Hogan

How do team members in your organization see you? How do they hear you? Are you afraid of how they may answer? Rather than pursuing success with feedback, we believe that we can all leverage feedforward to look at how to change, adapt, and excel.

Our 360° Leadership Feedforward Assessment approach utilizes the views of your current team, peers, and stakeholders to give real-time perspective - you may be delighted by what they have to say!

The Hogan Assessment model, our science-based Executive Assessment strategy features assessment tools that have been tried and tested by over 100,000 adults looking to improve their leadership and development skills. Together, we help identify and enhance your performance as well as the organization’s skill set, culture, and vision for more outstanding performance.

Board Leadership

Chairs and Directors are called on to make key fiduciary and strategic decisions; many of which rely on critical information, CEO leadership, senior executive team effectiveness, competitive industry dynamics, evolving ESG pressures, and the list goes on. Every minute of every Board meeting holds the potential for significant change, but only if we utilize it wisely and efficiently.

We work with Chairs and board members to enhance governance strategies while providing a third-party perspective in measuring team dynamics, performance, and communication methods. Allow us to provide insights into business relationships directly between CEO/Chair and amongst board members or assist in creating a positive culture of leadership within your emerging company.

Go Ahead, Be Curious!

We welcome your questions and comments every step of the way. If you would like to learn more about our suite of services or gain insight into the value that TSM Executive Coaching and Consulting can bring to your company, please feel free to email, call or send us a quick note.

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