Who are we?

We are experts invested in your success.

Wisdom, experience and passion are just words until you bring meaning to them. Whether you are part of a board, a director, a CEO, or are an up-and-coming professional eager to make your mark, we help you find the path you are meant to take and lead you on that journey to success. 

What brought you here won’t take you there. We all have that one ability or “superpower” that serves to propel us forward in our careers. Yet, it can also turn into an Achilles heel that can hinder growth if not used effectively. We provide a new perspective - a coach approach that identifies winning skills and strategies as well as addressing the blind spots that we all have. Allow us to fiercely and diligently walk through the process with you and find a path that effectively leads you to the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Vast Knowledge & Experience
Approach every situation with a fresh perspective. Draw on our years of experience and resources to help you understand, commit and execute strategies that lead to personal and company growth while empowering every member of your team.
Leadership Support & Development
Leadership is a valuable skill that can be harnessed, developed and refined- yet many times, leaders feel isolated and disconnected. As your dedicated coach, we help you identify opportunities or roadblocks that keep you from reaching success.
Fresh & Insightful Perspectives

Honest, genuine, introspective; are qualities that clients and coaches use to describe my unique approach. You’ve asked for assistance, and it is through my tried and authentic experience that I will assist you in your journey to transformative leadership.

Positive & Discerning Focus 

Feedback is helpful, but feedforward is game-changing. Rather than focusing on problematic systems and approaches, we focus on positive actions and strategies that aid in reaching goals and benchmarks once thought impossible to achieve!

About Tom

Tom has been there, done that. With years of experience to draw on within a high-pressure zone, Tom lives life by drawing on an in-depth and intimate knowledge of how we do business, lead teams and develop companies that thrive. Working with professionals who have held both C-level positions or are up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business owners, Tom meets his clients where they are at any stage of their journey and puts timeless practices in place that both guide and empower. 

Experience is invaluable.

Over 17 years of CEO experience at both the Ontario Medical Association and the Ontario Dental Association
28 years of Independent Board Director experience in a range of corporations ranging from for-profit TSX listed, privately owned for-profit companies, as well as not-for-profit boards
13 years in aerospace and consumer packaging manufacturing and financial services
Member of the International Coaching Federation
Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) from Royal Roads University
Holder of an ICD.D through the Rotman School of Management, and MBA and Engineering & Management degrees from McMaster University
Hogan Personality Assessment certified
Recognized by McMaster Engineering as a top-150 graduate

We Strive for the Best

At TSM Executive Coaching and Consulting, leaders are our focus. Through marrying growth and success with our passion for people, we aim for the best for our clients every single time. Together, we have crafted a positive culture as our foundation. By building on this foundation, we have been able to work with business leaders and experts as they navigate the complexities of managing clients, teams, business growth, and industry changes in whatever way we can. We all have the capacity to reach our potential; we sometimes just need a bit of help doing so. 

Go Ahead. Be Curious.

You have questions, and we have the answers. We are here to provide direction, establish a clear understanding, and guide you throughout the process to surpassing any and all expectations. Give us a call. Send us an email. Mail-in a postcard. We will help you in whatever way we can. 

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